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In the UK, there are around 37,000 house fires each year and advance warning fire alarm systems provide vital time to react. We are specialists in not only security protection, but fire solutions too, and our highly trained engineers will help you assess what will work best in your home.

Reduce the threat
It’s not just about detecting smoke, it’s about keeping you safe and reducing the threat of a devastating fire.

Smoke detectors
Our sense of smell decreases when we’re asleep. Smoke detectors provide essential early warning, giving you valuable time to react. We use the latest, highly sensitive smoke detection units which can either be stand alone or mains connected.

24/7/365 protection
To ensure your smoke detector always works, we recommend linking to your Bell Fire & Security burglar alarm panel. It’s always on, there’s no need to check batteries and with our monitoring package, it will give you greater peace of mind knowing that we’ll get you help if you need it.

We can install everything from smoke detectors to fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment. It doesn’t pay to ignore this side of protecting you and yours.

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